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About Us

My Little Sis by Rach

Let me introduce you to Rhian – mam to two gorgeous boys, wife to one lucky guy, and my little sis.

Rhian enjoys the simple things in life and nothing is more important to her than her family. Fiercely protective of them she is feisty, funny and always full of life. Rhian’s world is her two sons, whether its trekking them to football games in all weathers or coming up with innovative ways to get them to eat their greens.

On top of her busy family life Rhi runs her own business as a beauty therapist but she still finds time to develop her creative side, whether it’s learning to sew, developing experimental recipes or making the boys fancy dress costumes.

Whatever creative task Rhi undertakes she does so with 100% effort, and is known to be a little competitive, so if you’re ever lucky enough to sample her skills, be sure you tell her it’s the best! You won’t be too far wrong!


My Big Sis by Rhi

Meet my big sister Rachel, bubbly, outgoing fashionista with a witty tongue that could give Ruby Wax a run for her money.

Rach loves to shop, thinks the world of her family and friends and she’s not a bad cook either. Being a college tutor by day and a party girl at night Rach is always busy. She lives with her fiance, who spoils her rotten but he doesn’t do so bad either!

Best of all fashion plays a big part of my sisters life and she loves it. She knows how to wear just about anything and she wears it well!