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Author: Rhi

Let’s get back to it!

There have been lots of things going on around me lately, mainly running around after the kids and everything they get up to! They have a better social life than I do! Everyday life takes over sometimes but what’s stood out for me the last […]

Fun Fundraising!

Everybody gets involved these days with raising money for a particular cause, whether your sporty or not. Some of us prefer to eat cake! And some of us like baking these cakes. Well that is me, baking and eating unfortunately! I love feeding people and […]

Find Your Inner Creativity!

Whenever I watch my kids colouring or drawing,  just like the a big kid I always want to join in. I have coloured a few pages out of the “colouring for boys ” book but now I’ve found something just for me. Colouring for adults seems to be a legitimate thing now. I found one book in Sainsburys a little while ago and took a few weeks to buy it but now I have, and now I’ve started looking, they seem to be in most book shops.

Finding something that you can do while Sponge Bob is on the tele or Minecraft is being played is a great way of having a sit down with the kids and not having to watch the same episode you’ve already seen a few times before!

My colouring book or adult colouring book I should say is called Zen Colouring and it has really intricate pieces of beautiful art to inspire you. I’m trying very hard to make this sound grown up but at the end of the day, I really love sitting down and colouring!

My Grown-Up Colouring Book!
My Grown-Up Colouring Book!


Summer Bargains!

I can’t really say I’m one for rummaging around in the sales, if it doesn’t jump out at me then I probably won’t notice it! However, taking a little look around a few shops and I have found a couple of lovely little bargains. A beautiful […]

If You Can’t beat them!!!

Football is becoming a big part of my life. My two children play and train every week and are becoming very knowledgeable fans. Last month alone, although the season has ended, we had our annual presentation, a few tournaments and a very exciting Wales game. Being in […]

Family Day Out!

Archery is a sport that I have always wanted to have a go at doing. I had convinced myself that I would be up to the standard of the London Olympic team and am an undiscovered talent but, in reality, it was actually harder than I’d expected!



At Heatherton World Of Activities there is something for everyone. Plenty of things for the kids, from Go- Karts to Mini Golf, and plenty for the mum’s and dad’s too. If your looking for a day out then I would definately recommend Heatherton!

Having been before we all wanted to go back because we had enjoyed it so much the last time. We crammed a lot into our day including, the Golf Driving Range, Mini Golf, Go-Karts, Shooting and Walk on Water, or as I like to call it, Fall on Water!

The Kids Favourite was the Go-Karts. A bit of speed and control and they loved it. My favourite, because I was the best at it, was the Shooting. After the Archery we tried Pistol Shooting and Laser Shooting where I beat my husband, Yes!!

3, 2, 1, GO!
3, 2, 1, GO!

There are a lot of things to try your hand at which is great if you’ve always wanted to have a go at something in particular. You never know, you may have an undiscovered talent that could change your life forever! Or you might just have a lot of fun!

Let’s Get Cooking!

Stuck in a food rut? It’s difficult to come up with meal ideas everyday, especially when your catering for fussy eaters. I usually find I’ll make a meal and my children will eat different variations of it.  And I’ve realised that I’m cooking the same […]

My Best Victoria Sponge Cake!

My Tips and recipe for the perfect victoria sponge cake. I would love to say I’m a master of all cakes but unfortunately this would be a lie. The one cake that I believe I have mastered though is my victoria sponge cake. Through a […]

Inspired To Run (Jog!)

Following on from my husband’s amazing achievement in running the London Marathon I have decided to try my hand at jogging. I’m really not naturally fit at all and has always enjoyed dipping into excercise when something new comes out, but it never seems to last!

There’s always an excuse ready, no time, I’ve just eaten dinner or I’ve nothing to wear but this time I would like to try to do some form of excercise three times a week and include jogging into my routine. So, first things first, new trainers.

My husband is something of an expert on trainers lately, I mean he owns a million pairs!! So we went shopping to find some and the only thing that really interested me, I have to say,  was the colour. I wanted pink trainers.

The best tip I got from my husband though was to get them slightly bigger than normal. So instead of my normal size 6 I got 6.5.

I love my new adidas clima cool trainers which I purchased for £29 (bargain) at the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Bridgend


Pretty in Pink!
Pretty in Pink!



My husband has achieved some amazing feats in the last few years. He decided to take up running after finishing rugby, he was prone to a few, (actually a lot), of injuries. But exercise has always been a big part of his life and he […]