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Summer Feet!

I hate feet! I can’t stand my own so I certainly don’t like the look of other peoples. But this time of year, I do love sandals so I am always faced with making my toes look as pretty as possible.  This year I have […]

DiorSkin Nude Air Serum

As I have been prepping for my Summer Holidays I have been searching for a new light foundation to take with me. I hate wearing make up in a hot climate but I like to have a little coverage in the evenings. Something to blend […]

Benefit Cosmetics – Complexion POREfection

I have naturally very oily skin so during this time of year sometimes my face is like a shining beacon! I had an email from Benefit Cosmetics advertising their new POREfect trio – promising that ‘pores, oils and shine don’t stand a chance against this mattifying threesome’. Had to investigate this further.


The threesome is question included:

Go on, I thought, lets give it ago. Got my holidays coming up and I hate wearing make up in the sun so maybe this will be the perfect compromise I need.

The face primer promises to minimise the appearance of pores & fine lines and you can apply it under or over make up. I was a bit sceptical but here goes. I have open pores on my cheeks and nose and applied the primer prior to my foundation. It feels really soft and silky to apply and seemed to blur away the tiny pores on my cheeks and nose. I am impressed! It also seems to help keep your foundation in place throughout the day – a definite keeper in my make up bag.

Now, the product I was really interested in. Agent Zero Shine. This promises to minimise shine and smooth pores so I was intrigued to see if it could be tough enough to tackle oily skin on a hot summers day.

After applying my foundation I tapped and swept the powder over my shiniest areas – forehead  nose and chin. Again, it feels lovely to apply – very soft and silky. But would it work? I did find it covered my shine but I needed to make sure I didn’t over-use the product otherwise my skin looks a little flaky- ironically! 

As the day progressed, my nose started to feel shiny so this is where the third product needed to step up, the Porefessional License to Blot. This is a stick that you use to sweep over those shiny areas. By looking at the product you would never think it is going to work. You can apply this little bad boy with your make up or use to to touch up during the day. As I felt like I had used enough products in the morning I took it in my bag to work to use as a touch up. It was great! Takes the shine off and a little goes a long way.

Only problem now, that’s three more products I have to fit in those tiny clear plastic bags in the airport! 


The Verdict Is In!

So, its been two weeks since I started using Coco White Minty Fresh sachets. I have to say, when I first started I didn’t think I was going to be able to use the whole course – the texture in your mouth is so strange to start […]

Top 10 Beauty Tips

I fancied writing a little article on some beauty tips and called out to all my girl friends for their tops ideas. Now my mukkas are a good old bunch – all of them love to get dolled up – plastering on the fake tan […]

Welsh Women’s Stylist of the Year – Interview with Shelley Pengilly

Did you know I am lucky enough to have my hair done in the Welsh Salon of the Year, Shelley’s Salon? Did you know the salon director, Shelley Pengilly,  won the last Women’s Stylist of the Year? And did you know Shelley is one of my best mukkas?

Me and my mukka!

So, with the awards approaching for 2015 and Shelley defending two titles I used my best mate status to steal an interview with her about the manic year she has had since winning at the Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards, and find out a little more about the person behind the stylist.

Rach: How weird is this? Interviewing you formally – maybe we should have done it over a few bevvies (laughs).

Shelley Pengilly: We do not want people to hear those stories (giggle).

Rach: Ok, lets start with an easy one, since winning the Women’s Stylist of the Year last July, how has your life changed?

SP: Where do I start? The very next day I was asked to join the Milkshake Artistic Team  and join them staging shows throughout the UK doing my favourite thing – hair ups.

Rach: What projects are you currently working on?

SP: Currently I am filming Milkshake tutorials online. These are videos designed for the consumer to show different styling techniques. There are a few already available to watch but I am filming more all the time – it is so much fun!

I am also developing ideas for a competition entry for Hairclub Live which takes place at the end of May in Cardiff. It involves a 10 minute stage session where you get to be as creative as you want so it’s a chance for me to really push my artistic boundaries.

And I have also started teaching hairups across the UK, to small groups of professionals which I am loving. I was so nervous before my first ever class but I love sharing my knowledge and the little tricks I have developed over my 20 years in the business.

Rach: How excited are you to defend your title?

SP: Of course I would love to keep both titles. I always aim to provide a good service and love what I do so I just hope I continue to make my clients feel a million dollars when they leave the salon.

Shelley Pengilly

Rach: When did you know you wanted to be a hairdresser?

SP: Probably around the age of 5. I was totally doll mad and I would practice haircuts on them which ended with me having a collection of bald Barbies (giggles). I have this picture of me at around this age, proudly holding up this bald Barbie (laughs), I will have to dig it out.

Rach: What challenges have you faced in your career?

SP: In my 20 year career the hardest thing is actually running a business. The creative side is easy but trying to run a business and keep that creativity is challenging.

Rach: Where do you get your inspiration from?

SP: I don’t really take it from other hairdressers. I suppose it’s everyday things – trees, nature, the seasons. I just love experimenting. I am currently working on a collection called Wings, because I feel surrounded by angels and my salon logo is a butterfly and my bodyart focusses around mechanics and wings.

Rach: You do realise you sound absolutely bonkers saying that right?

SP: Oh no do I (laughs) Oh change it! (giggles)

Rach: Nope, this is professional now (laughs) Right, my nutty friend, next question. What are your plans for 2015?

SP: Well I am really excited for the next couple of weeks in the salon because we are doing a complete refurbishment of the rear of the salon. We are creating a no mirror colour area which we are hoping will be more relaxing for clients, and we are bringing the garden and nature into the salon by doing up the back and adding patio doors so you will feel like you are outdoors. We are also developing environmentally friendly initiatives. We will have eco-friendly showerheads to reduce water usage, disposal biodegradable towels and the new furniture will all be recycled or up-cycled pieces. We will also continue to use products that are natural and low in ammonia.

Rach: What advice would you give to aspiring hairdressers?

SP: Never stop learning – you will never know everything so keep up to date with your education – you can always learn more.

Rach: What do you like to do when you are not working?

SP: The truth is, I am a hair nerd, I never stop. When I am not working I am with my family. I love spending time with my hubby and boys and I am a total Daddy’s girl and have to speak to him everyday.  But when I am not doing family things I am thinking about the next project. I find it difficult to switch off – I dream hair! (laughs).

Rach: You sound so boring (laughs). A total geek (giggles)

SP: Well I also drink wine, lots and lots of wine (laughs).

Rach: What is a typical day in the life of Shelley Pengilly?

SP: What, from the start? Well I get up, shower, brush my teeth, grab a smoothie and then sit in front of my wardrobe to see what to wear that day. My hubby says this is when I pray to my clothes (laughs). I choose my shoes then build my outfit around that. Once I leave the house for work, who knows what will happen – every day is different – there is no typical day!

The Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards 2015 will take place on the 28th June – Good luck Pengilly!

Shelley’s Milkshake tutorials:

Enjoying her new project – Shelley filming tutorials in her salon