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My worst kept secret

Don’t you just love it when you stumble upon a new clothing line? And to make it even better, every time you wear one of their pieces, someone asks you where you got it from. That’s what’s happening since I bought a few items from […]

Look what I found!

Do you ever buy something that sits in your wardrobe for ages then suddenly you are totally inspired and decide it goes with everything you’re wearing right now? Well that has just happened to me. I have had this cape jacket from Jameela Jamil‘s collection […]

Casual or Smart?

I fell in love with this OneOneThree skirt months ago, and finally I own it! I bought it to wear it casual with trainers and t-shirts but the day it arrived I was heading out and I just had to wear it! So, I hauled through my wardrobe to see what would match up and decided on this cold shoulder bodysuit with a cute ruffle right the way around the neckline and wrap up shoes, both from ASOS. To complete the look the other half had surprised me with a pack of ten different style chokers that were from on offer on Groupon and I decided a plain tie design went perfect with the shoes. When I get around to wearing it casually I’ll post a photo. 

Guess what? I’m fat!

In case it’s escaped your notice, I am fat. From young I have always been fat and, due to my love of burgers and ice cream, I am resigned to the fact that I always will be. But, shock horror, I am happy! How can […]

What shall I wear……to a wedding?

So, for my second style advice post, Wendy Evans got in touch and asked for some help. She needs some suggestions as she has a wedding at the end of next month. The wedding is in a church then in a country house so she is looking […]

Vintage Revamp

So, the mams are all dressed for the wedding, next is to find myself something pretty without upsetting the other half, so it’s going to have to be a revamp job of something I already own!

My favourite dresses at the moment are my fifties style Ophelia Dresses which I bought from a local boutique shop, Cerys’ Closet about six months ago.  I have a couple of designs but hoping our May wedding will be a nice Spring affair, I have settled for this Vintage Rose design.

Matched up with pink shoes and a clutch bag that I already had from Dorothy Perkins and I am ready for the big day!

I will get all the photos up straight after the big day!

Plain Wedding Rings - Yellow Gold Pair of Rings


Bikini Hunt

Those of you that have been keeping up to date will know I am a teeny weeny bit excited about my summer holidays! And I am on a mission to find some nice bikinis that will flatter my curves. As a size 20 many people […]