same genes, different style

What shall I wear……to a wedding?

So, for my second style advice post, Wendy Evans got in touch and asked for some help. She needs some suggestions as she has a wedding at the end of next month. The wedding is in a church then in a country house so she is looking […]

Summer Bargains!

I can’t really say I’m one for rummaging around in the sales, if it doesn’t jump out at me then I probably won’t notice it! However, taking a little look around a few shops and I have found a couple of lovely little bargains. A beautiful […]

The Dress

It’s all done! And it is fabulous! The dress is complete! And I have to say, all of Kellie-Anne’s hard work has paid off because I love it. Now, I just need a special occasion to wear it 🙂



Please Miss, can I have some more?

I love my skirt! It’s the first time I have ever had anything made specifically for me and it’s great owning something that you know no-one else will have. It’s made me greedy – I want more! So I rang Kellie-Anne up and asked if […]