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Birthday Month of May

And so another 2 months have whizzed passed my eyes since I last sat down to write a blog. How did that happen? I don’t even think I’ve been that busy. It was my birthday last week though so I always refer to the month of […]

We are back! Sorry it’s been so long – Life got in the way!

Welcome back and happy new year to everyone! You may be wondering what’s been going on for the last three months with my little sis and myself. Did we get bored and stop writing? Did we have a fall out? Did something drastic happen? Nope nope […]

If You Can’t beat them!!!

Football is becoming a big part of my life. My two children play and train every week and are becoming very knowledgeable fans. Last month alone, although the season has ended, we had our annual presentation, a few tournaments and a very exciting Wales game.

Being in a house full of boys, for me, means that sport is high on the agenda. My boys like to try all sports, they will give anything a go from basketball to darts! Trying a variety of  different sports gives them the opportunity to find something they will enjoy and maybe excel at. And lets face it, in todays world of junk food, which most of us enjoy from time to time, a little exercise is a great way for kids to use up all their energy and wear themselves out! We all want a good nights sleep!

Football, football, football!
Football, football, football!

When I was younger I can’t say I really enjoyed football at all but watching the kids play is so different and exciting. As a parent anything that puts a smile on your little ones face is a winner. And slowly I am learning footballers names to keep up with the transfer conversation that regularly takes place in my house.

I’m not an expert yet but I can be a part of the football talk so I’m not left out but, being a mum, sometimes its very easy to lose your own identity. Yes there’s always something else to do over your own interests whether its the washing or ironing but, try to make some time for yourself doing something you enjoy. As kids get older it gets easier to do the things you did before you had them. For me its baking, sewing or blogging! Whatever it is enjoy and be yourself, even if its only for ten minutes!


Family Day Out!

Archery is a sport that I have always wanted to have a go at doing. I had convinced myself that I would be up to the standard of the London Olympic team and am an undiscovered talent but, in reality, it was actually harder than […]