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My mam taught me to share

Since I have been showing off my custom made pieces over the last couple of weeks I have had a load of messages asking me if Kellie-Anne can make something for them – in particular, people are loving her custom skirt. So I decided to ask […]

The Dress

It’s all done! And it is fabulous! The dress is complete! And I have to say, all of Kellie-Anne’s hard work has paid off because I love it. Now, I just need a special occasion to wear it 🙂

Please Miss, can I have some more?

I love my skirt! It’s the first time I have ever had anything made specifically for me and it’s great owning something that you know no-one else will have. It’s made me greedy – I want more!

So I rang Kellie-Anne up and asked if she would be free to make me a few pieces for my summer holidays – luckily for me, she jumped at the chance – woohoo!

We arranged a meeting and in preparation, I collected a tonne of magazines and started whittling down a short-list of clothes I liked so that we could discuss some options. We decided on 3 key pieces – a maxi dress (we called it the dress!), a short beach dress and a swing dress for a night out on my Ibiza trip. I was landed!

We decided to start with the dress – it was the one both of us were the most excited for, and off Kellie-Anne went to find the fabric and draw up the pattern. Take a look at her progress so far.

2015-06-01_09.46.27 2015-06-01_09.47.56 2015-06-01_09.49.20 2015-06-01_09.55.33 2015-06-01_10.01.53


I have had the final fitting so fingers crossed it wont be long before I can model it for you! 

The Skirt!

I told you you wouldn’t have to wait long! Kellie-Anne is a fast worker and the skirt she promised me is all done and ready to wear. After a couple of meetings to sort the fabric print and a few fittings, the skirt it ready to […]

It begins with a skirt

A brilliant thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I was in work in the coffee shop (surprise surprise!) and saw a student who had the most gorgeous skirt on. Being a nosey so and so I asked her where she had it […]