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DiorSkin Nude Air Serum

As I have been prepping for my Summer Holidays I have been searching for a new light foundation to take with me. I hate wearing make up in a hot climate but I like to have a little coverage in the evenings. Something to blend […]

Benefit Cosmetics – Complexion POREfection

I have naturally very oily skin so during this time of year sometimes my face is like a shining beacon! I had an email from Benefit Cosmetics advertising¬†their¬†new POREfect trio – promising that ‘pores, oils and shine don’t stand a chance against this mattifying threesome’. […]

Top 10 Beauty Tips

I fancied writing a little article on some beauty tips and called out to all my girl friends for their tops ideas. Now my mukkas are a good old bunch – all of them love to get dolled up – plastering on the fake tan and make up – so when I asked for their top tips to help me I thought I would get a better response.

I think its fair to say, they were useless – love you girls! ūüėČ ¬†Either they really do not have any tips and it’s all by luck and chance that they look so beautiful or their tips are so amazing they didn’t want to share them with us!

So, you are stuck with my little tips instead.

make up and elle 6

  1. Use sudocrem as a deep moisturising mask – apply all over your face and leave for 20 minutes before washing off and patting your face dry.
  2. Freeze a crumbly eyeliner pencil for 15 minutes before sharpening and applying to create clean lines.
  3. To make your own designer nails, use dental floss! Brush your colour along a piece of floss and place onto your nails in the design of your choice.
  4. Place a spoon under your eye when applying mascara to avoid hitting your cheek.
  5. Use a white eye pencil on the inside of your eyelids to create the effect of a larger eye.
  6. Always wash your brushes once a week – it will make your application better and also prevent any nasty germs from clogging up your pores.
  7. Slim down features by using a highlighter pen – a streak of highlighter down the centre of your nose after you have applied your makeup will make your nose look thinner.
  8. Always, always, always groom and contour your eyebrows. A neat brow frames your face and will¬†‘finish’ your look perfectly.
  9. When applying mascara, use three different makes with different wands and apply consecutively without letting each coat dry. Your lashes will look fuller and longer.
  10. To get lovely glowing soft lips, rub gently with a wet soft toothbrush then apply plenty of lip balm.

Day 225: Makeup Brush Holder

Let me know if you have any beauty tips to share. What are your beauty secrets?