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Look what I found!

Do you ever buy something that sits in your wardrobe for ages then suddenly you are totally inspired and decide it goes with everything you’re wearing right now? Well that has just happened to me. I have had this cape jacket from Jameela Jamil‘s collection […]

What shall I wear……..for Autumn?

It’s September! That means two things – summer is over (what summer!?), and I get to shop for my autumn looks! If you read my last blog you’ll know I was mega impressed with the new Simply Be autumn/winter collection. I could buy one of […]

Guess what? I’m fat!

In case it’s escaped your notice, I am fat. From young I have always been fat and, due to my love of burgers and ice cream, I am resigned to the fact that I always will be. But, shock horror, I am happy! How can this be!? A fat girl happy with the way she looks. Perplexing right?!

Don’t get me wrong, I am just like everyone else in that I get days were I feel like utter crap but when I am heading out, with my face and hair all done and a suitably chosen outfit, I genuinely look in the mirror and like what I see – you’ve only got to look at the number of selfies I have piled up on my instagram account – vein!. We all have something we could focus on – wrinkles, love handles, potty belly, short legs…the list goes on, I just don’t waste time on it. Because it is a waste of time. 

I have my parents to thank for this. And my other half. I was brought up with the attitude, you are what you are and you are loved whatever. If you are unhappy, change. If you don’t want to change (I refer back to my love of burgers and ice-cream! 🙂 ) then you have to be happy with the way you look. Simple! I do drag my arse to the gym after work but that is to make sure I am healthy rather than a tool for losing weight. 

It seems easy now, at the age of 36, to be confident in my own body. I have always been interested in fashion and always strongly believed that just because you are fat doesn’t mean you have any less of a right to look good and wear trendy clothes. The plus size fashion industry at the minute is booming – just one look in my wardrobes (yes plural! hehe) would tell you that. And not only are there plenty to choose from, but the trends, quality and choice has improved to show that style really does have no size.

Only this week the new Simply Be catalogue landed on my doormat and I was genuinely surprised with how on trend their summer to autumn looks were – they are just one plus size brand that have improved immensely over the years.

When I was 17 and fat the only place I could really get any well fitting clothes was Evans. And Evans back in 1997 was not the same as Evans today where they have a number of designer brands to choose from. Oh no. Evans in 1997 was where your nan shopped! It was all long skirts and square boxy tops. But I suppose having to work harder to make these clothes look good and set my own fashion trends has helped me today. 

Over the years, standard shops have expanded their size range from up to a size 16 to a size 20 and now most even have a plus size range. At 17 I could only  dream of going in to a shop and being able to choose anything, not just what fitted me – that’s my excuse for my slight shopping addiction now anyway and I am sticking to it 🙂

When I was younger I always felt like the fat one of the group which made me shy, but growing up and being loved by my family, friends and my other half, I never feel like I stand out for being the fat one. Even when a delightful lady asked me if I was pregnant last week (no dear, it’s the result of a two week all inclusive holiday – bought and paid for!).

I also don’t see calling myself fat a derogatory term like some women would. Just an honest description – just the same as I would say I am blonde or I am a blogger.

I get so worked up when I speak to people who don’t feel good about themselves because they have put some weight on – its ridiculous! Like all of a sudden you’ve become someone to dislike because you stored up half a stone – I mean really!?! Come on! You can still look good carrying that bit of extra timber! 

My passion is clothes, shoes, bags – anything fashion related, and I enjoy working with my shape to look the best I can, so I feel the best I can, so I can be confident and enjoy my life. My wish would be for everyone to feel the same! 

Let me take a selfie!


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