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Royal Ascot Fashion

Last week I was lucky enough to go to the races. I’ve got to be honest, I was a little skeptical about the whole day, imagining thousands of people crammed under cover from the rain – a meat market! I couldn’t have been more wrong. […]

Trends for 2016 – How to wear them

So, with London Fashion weekend just around the corner I thought it was a good time to have a look at the fashion trend predictions for this Spring. New York, Milan and Paris have shown us to expect plenty, from vivid colour clashes through to tiaras (yes, […]

What shall I wear …. to a festival?

So, at the beginning of the week, I asked if anyone needed help with some outfit ideas and the lovely Rebecca asked if I could get her some ideas of what to wear to a festival. I know she is off next weekend so I have quickly put together some ideas.

First off, in my own experience, us ladies tend to over pack and totally regret it as you are lugging your clothes, booze, food and tent to the perfect spot! So I have put together some tips for Rebecca before I give her examples of my favourite pieces this year for festival fashion.

  1. Go with one outfit per day but include layers to change it up as the day goes on and to cover the possible weather changes throughout the day.
  2. Be realistic with your packing – don’t take anything just because it would look good in a festival when you know you wont wear it.
  3. Remember the reality of festivals and camping, in particular, the lovely portaloos you’ll be using. That playsuit may look just the ticket for your festival style but you wont be thinking that when you have to clamber out of it in a stinky loo – not practical at all – believe me – I’ve made the mistake!
  4. Take one rain coat/plastic mac – I tend to pack a cheap see through cover mac so I can still show off my outfits – It’s the UK, you know it’s going to rain!
  5. Don’t bother with lots of shoes – one pair of wellies will probably do you – I did take ankle wellies one year when it was quite a warm summer. I would only recommend bothering with anything else if you are guaranteed sun and no rain – you will wreck your nice sandals if you have a sudden downpour and you have to stand in a muddy field all evening.

My personal choice when I go to festivals tends to be dresses or shorts and vests. With dresses, you can add leggings or tights and a scarf to add warmth. With shorts and a vest its easy to tie a hoodie around your waist to pop on once the sun goes down.

My recommendations this year would be to make sure you include fringing and some suede or denim.

Outfit 1 – The Shirt Dress

Hunter Original Tour Gloss Umber Wellington Boots Blue Tile Print Shirt Dress Beige Black Trim Floppy Hat

This gorgeous blue tile print shirt dress is from River Island which would look amazing with these Hunters that I found in ASOS. Team it up with that festival staple, the floppy hat, also from River Island.

Outfit 2 – Denim

Vivienne Westwood For Melissa Nude Pirate Ankle Boots Basic Extra Soft Scarf ASOS Jumper With Heart Elbow Patch Pink Guipure Lace Zip Back Crop Top Moto Zip Front A-line Mini Skirt

I love Vivienne Westwood so when I found these cute Pirate Ankle Boots in ASOS I had to include them in this post! I know they are a ridiculous price to pay to get covered in mud but they are soooo pretty! Team them up with this a-line denim mini skirt from Top Shop and a little crop top from New Look and you have a nice girly outfit. Make sure you add a scarf and jumper though for later when it gets a bit chillier – this extra soft scarf from Zara is defintiley on my shopping list and I love the cute little hearts on the elbows of this jumper from ASOS.


Outfit 3 – Suede/Curve

Suede Fringe Waistcoat Layered Necklace Ditsy Floral Babydoll Dress ASOS Gangster Wellies

Finally, I thought I’d show you some alternatives if you need a bigger size. Be totally on trend and wear this suede fringe waistcoat over a pretty floral dress both from Simply Be. I’ve added a heavy layer necklace, also from Simply Be, and some colour pop wellies from ASOS to finish the look.

If you are off to a festival this year, firstly, I am mega jealous, but secondly, have an awesome time and rock your style!


And there’s still time to get some advice for an occasion specific to you! Just leave me a comment and I will do my best.